My current work is based on trying to capture a life story and memories with a sense of the ephemerality of time passing.

We all have a history; a name, family structure, ancestors, places we lived and family stories. It’s fixed for us in the re-telling, but transient as time passes and more layers are added to the story. In my work, I try to convey the feeling of transience within that fixed structure of a story.

I use old maps, certificates, census’ to build a structure charting the person’s life story, then overlay with washes, transfers from old photos, handwritten sections of the family tree, snippets of personal letters or poems. I would then usually overlay further washes in selected areas to make some images recede. The process of overlay, adding washes and collaging or transferring images might completely cover earlier work, but as in our forgotten snippets of history, or unknown relatives, they are still there. The piece is finished with a bit of selective hand-tinting of the old photos.